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What is Illustration?

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Illustrations in Medicinal field

Medical illustrations have been here since medicines came into existence. Started in the early olden days, they had depicted the various organ and medicinal aspects in a very fanciful way. But when we consider medical illustration as a profession, it wasn’t long ago, but a recent update.

What medicinal illustration covers?

It is a visual representation of things or biological information which otherwise wouldn’t have been so clear and informative. It is the art skills expressing the medical information, clarifying a complex topic or subject.

Getting into the job of a medical illustrator:

Not everyone who is good at sketching can be awarded as illustrators. It needs special talent and to analyse that one needs to develop. So, medical illustrators are chosen on the basis of their education. Mostly preferred ones are those who have a master’s degree in the same, or an advanced degree in either science or arts; from an accredited institution.

Techniques used in Medical illustration:

These days medical illustration uses digital technology too, combined with traditional ways. The illustrations that appear in the magazine, books, newspapers, professional journals, advertisements, animations and films all involve the same technique. The work is also seen in creating anatomical models for teaching purposes, stimulators etc.

Without a medical illustration, it would have been impossible for the technology to grow so far and wide and for the treatments to get so accurate.