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What is Illustration?

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Illustration applies to anything and everything, plants are no wonder. How did anyone know that the plant looks like the way we do today? Why wouldn’t anyone draw an animal and call it a plant?

Well, this seems a little bit weird, that’s the actual truth. Illustration has helped us evolve learning things close to us, in a much better understandable way. Even to this day, illustration has been helping us, to refine our skills better.

The illustration of plants itself a different category in the illustration frame. It’s depicting the plants, its colours, its form, shape and various other attributes, in a better and clear way. The outcome is expected to be accurate as well as impressive too, to attract the readers.

The paintings and books portraying plants are best examples of botanical illustration.

We see many paintings that portray plants and flowers in a very different way. Sometimes few are designed, while few are sketches. The most beautiful ones are the traditional way of representing, since they add the original charm to them, using natural methods.

Each illustration is targeted for different categories. Like, one may be for an elderly audience, while another might be for kindergarten students. The illustrator must use his/her skills in such a way to impress the audiences no matter their differences and make it a readable or understandable one.